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Local transport

Portland as an efficient public transport system comprised of buses, a streetcar (tram) line and the MAX light rail system.

Tri-Met (tel (503) 238 7433; website, who operate Portland's buses, trams and light-rail, have a simple fare system that includes two-hour and seven-day passes that are convenient for visitors to the city. The best deal is the Fareless Square - a free transit area where you can ride buses, trams and the MAX light rail free of charge within the downtown area.


The bus network is well organised and it comprises the majority of public transit in Portland. Most bus routes terminate in the transit mall, which lies between SW 5th and 6th Avenues with southbound buses stopping on SW 5th Avenue and northbound buses stopping on SW 6th Avenue.

Most buses run between 5am and midnight.


Portland's light rail system is comprised of two lines, both running through downtown. MAX is a handy transport option for travelling between the downtown area and Washington Park and it is also the easiest and cheapest way to get to the airport.


The Portland Streetcar (website runs through downtown Portland and is particularly convenient for getting to and from the bus and train stations. Trams run every 15 minutes.


The fare systems is standardised with the same fares applying to buses, trams and MAX. Exact change is needed if you're paying a cash fare.


Public transport fares - Portland, Oregon
two-hour ticket 10 x two-hour tickets 7-day ticket














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